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Our Ongoing Projects

Feeding Program

In the aftermath of the COVID-19 virus, inflation has risen to a historic high leaving many families without enough resources to feed their children. We quickly realized that the children participating in our other programs were unable to focus due to the lack of proper nutrition.

To combat this, and the growing risk of anemia, Operation Dignity began providing meals once a week to fill the gap. This quickly evolved to us providing 6 meals a week to children in the city of Belen and the surrounding villages. Since May 15th, 2023 until August 13th we have served 5,039 meals and the need continues to grow.

Remanente Kids Club

Remanente Kids Club is led by Anita Ana Marie Valles and a group of about 100 volunteers who are associated with the church Remanente de Dios.

This program targets 5 villages on the outskirts of Iquitos, along with the Santa Monica orphanage. The children in this program are taught life skills along with conflict resolution strategies, through role play scenarios and one on one interactions with the groups volunteers.

Leaders also work to develop personal relationships with the children's parents in order to keep track of their progress/behavior in school, and at home.

COVID-19 UPDATE: Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic volunteers have also been assisting students by teaching Math and English. As the amount of supplies being delivered to Iquitos has dwindled, Operation Dignity has begun offering breakfast to students involved in this program. This is the only meal many of them eat that day.

Santa Monica Orphanage

The Santa Monica Orphanage is located in the Amazon region. It is a state run orphanage with very little help apart from our organization.
We help support the orphanage with immediate needs such as diapers, clothing, school supplies, Christmas gifts and formula for the babies, as well as larger expenses such as replacing broken/outdated appliances, furniture, plumbing, and repainting the different structures that make up the orphanage.

We also assist the orphanage with our "Adopt-a-House" program in which donors "adopt" a house to help provide renovations and supplies for that home. In addition once a month Carlos, our Operations Manager (Peru), goes to the orphanage and hosts a movie night. Kids are provided with pizza, hotdogs and/or popcorn for these movie nights.

COVID-19 UPDATE: A new television was recently installed so students would have better access to their online learning programs.

Camp Remanente

Camp Remanente is located in the city of Nauta off the Amazon River in Peru. The camp consists of 90 acres, which includes  retreat buildings that are used for leadership training among the youth and adults in surrounding communities. Operation dignity assisted with building compound bathrooms and other structures on the property.

Future Projects

Arts program

To teach students passionate about art (i.e painting and drawing) how to further their craft and eventually create feasible income.

Gardening and Agriculture

To develop a sustainable food source as well as generate more jobs to support the economy.

Media Lab

To obtain used computers and laptops so students attending virtual school have better access to the information necessary for continuing their education.

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