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Our Story

Since 1989 the needs and problems that Operation Dignity has addressed are those that were found to be prevalent in underserved communities around the world. Our strength has been to bring together the faith-based community, local businesses and government to partner in finding solutions to promote community and economic development  locally, nationally and internationally.

Operation Dignity’s purpose is to be a service provider in partnership with local governments and community leaders to assist in meeting the needs of distressed and impoverished communities. We help revive these communities  by providing resources to implement economic development, capacity planning, entrepreneurial programs, farming, and training centers to help produce a local food and job source to raise the quality of life within the community.

1990 - 2000

Operation Dignity’s presence was very strong in public housing across Atlanta, Miami, Buffalo and Detroit. Delivering programs such as professional skills, tutoring and mentoring programs, literacy courses, and many more, which enabled us to provide participants with the tools needed to transform their communities.  Operation Dignity was the catalyst for bringing together resources from the local community, business, government and the faith based sector totaling over three million dollars to support these programs.

The Last Decade

Over the last decade Operation Dignity has developed  a rice and bean program with the local churches for the street children and within the schools, rallied medical service providers’ together to deliver vaccines, and medical care to the people in the villages, and also partnered with  Habitat for Humanity and built over 50 homes and dug over 125 clean water wells through-out the various villages throughout Iquitos, Peru.

Our Mission


Our mission is to assist in impoverished communities in Peru as well as provide  emergency aid Globally to other distressed communities.

Currently operating in Iquitos, Peru where families are struggling with the burden of poverty, lack of education, and an under-developed economy. With your contributions we work to help families meet their most basic needs.

Operation Dignity currently works in partnership with Iglesia Remanente de Dios and Santa Monica Orphanage in Iquitos, Peru.

Our Team

Our Team

Board Members


Board Member

Thomas M. Duff was born July 30 1947 in Hoboken NJ. Attended Catholic grammar and...


Board Member

Joanne Rejko has worked in administration and finance for various types of businesses...


Board Member

Sarah J Hamilton has been the Director of Community Outreach for a large...




Patti Simms has been the Chief Executive Officer of Operation Dignity since 1988. During this...


Ana Valles Valles is the founder of Remanente Kids, she created this organization in...

Program Director



Lisa Arlt is a CPA and owner of Arlt & Company, LLC, an accounting firm serving...



Charles H. Simms, President of Simms Development, is a 6th generation Daytonian...


Operations Manager (Peru)

Carlos Valles is an economist who was born and raised in Iquitos, Peru. He met...


Garden Director

Carlos Rengifo, he was born in the province of Requena in the Loreto Region in Peru. He...

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